Welcome to Champ de Fleurs from Carol and Martin.

This website is now more or less supplanted by social media.

Our previous garden was in Cornwall close to the North coast where the challenge had been to create a garden that thrived in the face of salt laden winds from the Atlantic Ocean, on sandy soil over clay and on a neutral to alkaline soil. This we have achieved over the past 25 years, starting as novice gardeners learning what would and would not cope with the conditions, and finishing with a garden that is full of interest throughout the year, has wildlife in abundance and is a peaceful and relaxing place to be.

The challenge we set ourselves is to create a garden from scratch in the heart of Brittany. Having found a 'terrain' of 7,280m2 on the edge of a farming village which we bought with the intention of building a house and creating a garden around it. We are inland and about 160m above sea level, with acidic, slightly silty soil making this garden a complete contrast, both in terms of conditions and plant choice. We have been working on the space around the house, constructing a covered patio and now a wood fired oven and attached herb plot. The current phase of construction is a utility space and steps up to the potting shed.